My name is Bartosz. I live in Ɓukasiewicza street in Zabrze and I have 12 years. I have blue eyes, black hair and 170 cm height. I like English language and I hate maths. My nickname is DJ and ZionDalo too. My favourite movie is Taxi 4. It's funny. I want to go to New York. It's beautiful city, but Zabrze is good too.

Winter holidays are coming. I love Christmas, because the whole family comes together and we give and get Christmas presents. I also like Christmas because it usually snows and because houses are decorated with colourfull lights. I like decorating the Christmas tree, but most of all I like the atmosphere of the Christmas Eve. It falls on Dec 24. From the morning, we prepare the table and dishes. At about 6 PM we sit down for the ChristmEve supper. The supper consists of a large quantity of food. On the table, among others, there is fish (usually carp), beetroot soup, dumplings and mushroom soup. The table is festive and we listen carols on the radio. After supper we find presents under the Christmas tree and after midnight we go to church.

Very good, Bartek!

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