Shakes Fidget

Hello my name is Martin. Attend primary school number 42. I'm in sixth grade and I really like English. My favorite game is Shakes & Fidget. the game is very cool link to the page and clicking the will create an account and play: D my name is called ZrobieniZKiśla guild and my name in the game is BednarksY1998 and EVObednar My favourite friend is… Sorry, Martin. You mustn't use vulgar words here!

Holidays are coming .. I really like Christmas holidays - it's when all my family comes together . My mum and my brothers clean the whole house and I help them to do that as well. We prepare presents. My mum cooks lots of tasty dishes. One of my favourite dishes is beetroot soup with dumplings.
I put the beetroot soup on the table. Before the Christmas Eve dinner, we share Christmas wafers with family and neighbors and we exchange wishes. Then we sit down together at the table.We eat Christmas Eve dinner. It is fun atmosphere because all my relatives come together. After the Christmas Eve dinner we unpack presents. At midnight we go to church.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D

Very good, Martin!

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