I'm Karolina.I'm 12 years old.I like musik(only hip-hop).I don't like school.My favourite animals are dogs.i like „Twilinght”.
My favourite singer/raper ist Eminem.I also like Rihanna.I hate Justin Bieber.I like salats.

I spend Christmas time with my family. We decorate the Christmas Eve on the 24th of December.
I like decorating the Christmas tree with my brother Tom. We use a lot of interesting ornaments for this .
I like sitting in the room when the the Christmas tree lights twinkle. Later we help our mum to cook in the kitchen.
Once everything is ready, we look for the first star in the sky and then we sit down at the table.
After dinner, we find the gifts under the Christmas tree =)At midnight we go to church.
I love Christmas.

Very good, Karolina!


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